Weekend at Tagaytay Highlands

My daughter loves water. Whenever she sees the beach, even on television, she would get up and cheer. Every chance we get, I would take her to the beach or like last weekend, a swimming pool at Tagaytay Highlands. It's a blessing that one of my affluent friends own a villa inside the members only complex. We stayed overnight so that the next day she can swim in the morning. Seeing my baby happy is priceless!

Jesse James Rib-eye steak 10 oz. PhP 1,380

Anyway, on the night that we arrived, I booked us a table for four at The Highlander Steakhouse. My first experience was not so good.  It was Holy Week (peak season) and for some reason everybody wanted to eat red meat ; p

My friend and her hubby shared an order of Jessie James Rib-eye steak while I had one order all for myself. #AngTakawKoLang When our orders came out, it turned out that sharing one order is a wise decision. The size of my friend's steak looked the same as mine. Oh, well, at least I know that I can split one order with someone else. Hmmm, definitely not with DH because he loves red meat too!

Jesse James Rib-eye steak is also available in 14 oz. for PhP 1,898. My steak comes with fries and Wild Mushroom Ragout. For additional orders of the sides I mentioned, pay only PhP 98 each.

complimentary bread and butter

Shrimp Bisque PhP 180

Caesar Salad PhP 320

Creamy Mushroom Soup in Puff Pastry PhP 180

DH ordered a bowl of Shrimp Bisque while my friend ordered a Cream of Mushroom and a Caesar Salad to share.

Filet Mignon 10 oz. PhP 1,480

 Filet Mignon was DH's order together with rice pilaff and Potatoes Au Gratin on the side.

Potatoes Au Gratin

Happy couple with happy tummy

The Highlander Steakhouse
Tagaytay Highlands
Brgy. Calabuso, Tagaytay City

Chocolate cake

Mango cake

brewed coffee

Our food trip didn't end at the steakhouse. After dinner, we met up with the kids at the Golfer's Lounge where we had some cakes, beer and coffee.

Val, Cherie and DH

Our overall experience at The Highlander Steakhouse is better the second time around. I am definitely going back ; ) It is almost a perfect getaway if only the local government can solve the heavy traffic along the main road of Tagaytay.

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