Ryuma Japanese Restaurant Revisited

February 1, 2014

Ryuma Restaurant
2?F Unit 126 Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Greenfield, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Ryuma restaurant is our default Japanese restaurant in Sta. Rosa whenever we are enroute to Tagaytay. If you have been following me on Instagram, you should know that I went to Tagaytay last weekend and stayed at Highlands, more on that in my next entry.

Zaru Soba PhP 240

The price of Zaru Soba has not changed since we first ate here in 2011. This is usually what DH would order. I told you he really, really likes noodles. We are the exact opposite!

Ebi Tempura set PhP 480

This order of Ebi Tempura set is so sulit! It has 4 jumbo prawns cooked to perfection, not too greasy and at least they use clean oil (just look at the color of my tempura). The set includes a tofu on the side, a soup and a bowl of Japanese rice.

lapulapu sashimi PhP 200

tamago sasahimi PhP 130

shime saba PhP 230

We actually ordered 4 sushi, Salmon (PhP 150) is not in the photo, either I forgot to take a photo or DH had already eaten it.

Oyako Don set PhP 200

part of Oyako don set - side salad, miso soup and pickled veggies

I ordered an oyako don set for #yayaMartinez. It was a huge bowl, surprisingly she was able to finish everything. If you see her, do not underestimate her small frame. She can eat everything and not gain a single pound.

She is with me for more than 6 months and she still weigh 100 pounds. To think that we almost always go out with her and most of the time, I order a separate dish for her. She has to thank her fast metabolism and her youth hahaha

Since we are always out and eating in various restaurants, I kidded her that she should learn how to use the chopsticks hahaha It would save her the trouble from asking the waiter for a set of spoon and fork lol

complimentary coffee jelly for dessert

I enjoyed our meal this time more than the last one which I didn't blog because my order of Unagi sucks big time!

Since the restaurant is huge, calling the attention of the waiters and waitresses took forever. The call button is of little help. Kids in tow have a chance to win prizes in their mini tambyolo (lottery drum) found near the entrance of the toilet. Please ask the servers for assistance.

No service charge so be sure and do not forget to leave a tip!

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