Bikram Yoga

26 bikram poses
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It has been a week since I enrolled back to Bikram's studio. Last week, I only attended 3 classes but this week, oh boy, I've been doing yoga everyday. Funny thing is, Bikram Yoga is addicting. Your body tends to miss doing the difficult yoga postures muahahaha And of course plus the fact that a months worth of unlimited class is PhP 5,800 ka-ching, ka-ching! It will have a tendency to drive you to work out hard everyday.
camel pose

Of the 26 postures, I hated the camel pose (22nd) the most, in fact, I try to veer away from the posture the last time I enrolled. But not this time. The very first day, I went down and do the posture without even a blink of hesitation. I didn't feel dizzy or anything. From then on, I've been doing the said posture and giving out the best that I can. I'm so happy that I can do it.
What I love in Bikram is I could easily lose weight. I'm not hiding the fact now that I'm thirty something *wink* that it's really, really hard to lose some weight. Gaining is not a problem hehehe. In my teens, taking out rice in my menu would suffice but now it seems I can't keep my mouth from taking in more rice nyahahaha but thanks to yoga, I think in a month's time, I'll be back in tip-top shape. Not the bikini type body but a body that my DH could love to see and hold muahaha Of course, for his eyes and touch only. Come to think of it, I could flaunt it in a two piece - heh! I wish! Even though it's not beach season hehe

For many of you that's still in a limbo- nyahahaha and who wants to try and lose fats and give awful lots of benefit to your body... try Bikram. And don't forget to tell me the good news!