Boo-boos in Globe payment center in Greenhills

Have you ever have the chance to go to Globe's branch in Greenhill Shopping Center to pay your Globe Handyphone bill?


Well, I have been there last Sunday morning. And people there can really test your patient. For one, you think their number system works.... yeah right! I went in there and a woman just brush pass me, who didn't even collect a number, yet she went straight to the payment counter.... hello, GUARD!

Since there was another personnel infront I asked if she could assist me since I'm PAYING, she replied that she can't handle payments. WTF! What on earth was she doing in front of the counter if she can't even handle payments... She ought to just go inside and hide. Since I've been pestering her non- STOP for 15 minutes or so, and the woman who "brush-pass" me have NOT finished her individual statement payment, she called on another personnel who has been hiding all along the inside office to come out and assist me. Whew!

FINALLY! But my woes are not yet over, she had been tinkering with her computer for freakin' too long that the first counter, by now, have already accepted payment from another customer. What's taking her too long.... DUH! Told me to sit and wait... till the sun shines the next day! It took us almost 30 minutes to pay a single SOA! I'm thinking if today's a weekday and a full house, how long do they think they will let people wait just to pay their company? This is not right! Might as well pay in BayadCenters and better yet in BDO-on-Site because they are fast and efficient.