Not just your ordinary ice cream house!

July 31, 20008

Nestle Creamery
710 Aurora Blvd.,
Quezon City

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Ice Cream House

After our tiring but worthwhile morning in Smokey Mountain, my friend, Cherie and I went to Nestle Creamery for lunch at 2pm hehe A bit late already, don't you think so? Because heavy rainfall equals traffic here in Manila.

Traditional Tapsilog- PhP 99

Anyway, we entered the venue and there were diners already getting out of the venue. We have gotten a seat in one of their corner tables with cushioned seats. The place is colorful. A slide and small balls on inflatble were on the side where a couple of kids were playing. At the center is a bar where the juices and ice cream are made per order. 

A waiter handed us two humongous menu. Front side describe different food that they offer from sandwiches to pasta and topping meals. And on the other side was a menu full of ice cream. Cherie ordered Korean Beef Stew while I ordered Tapsilog. My order is good for one serving only while Cherie's can be for two, just order for an extra rice. Korean Beef Stew at PhP 185 is a bit salty, sweet and spicy. Cherie doesn't like it that much while I, on the other hand, was partial to it because of it's sweetness hehe For my order, Tapsilog PhP 99- Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog, the meat is tender and they gave me ketchup per request. We thought that we might be able to squeeze in an order of ice cream or two but due to hunger, we finished all our order and there was no space left for ice cream cake in our tummy hehe We ended up buying ice cream take out yum yum! Be sure to go there at night and there will be dancers- the waiters and waitress doing a choreograph dance moves!

bright, colorful venue
kid friendly
reasonable price
ample parking space
dancing at dinner time
service is fast and efficient

SERVICE CHARGE- come to think of it... it's worth their service!