Everybody gone bonkers?!?

Is it just me? I started collecting the section in Inquirer- a daily broadsheet in the Philippines- where it features a section with sudoku game. Everyday, after I finish reading the newspaper, I make sure that I keep the page where it is printed. Sometimes I compile it and bring it to the office with me. As soon as I am done with my job, I get to solve the puzzle. At times, I get to solve a weeks worth of puzzle. The biggest hurdle is how to solve it faster especially with the Sunday issue being the most difficult of them all. I even bought a sudoku puzzle sheet to take with me when I went to Taiwan a few months back. But I hardly finish it because when I got back, I started solving the back issues of our daily newspaper first.

And now, I think I still have mostly the Sunday issues left hehe Darn, it's really hard to solve it... try it to believe!