What's yours?

My all time starbucks favorite drink is the Mocha Frappucino followed by the runner up Coffee Jelly, which I found out, that not all countries were serving. Taiwan for one doesn't serve it and I guess China too. Maybe my China reader can tell me. Gotcha!

Mocha Frappucino

Hmmm come to think of it, maybe the coffee jelly is only sold here in the Philippines and not everywhere else... Anyway, I'm not too keen on the jelly especially now that I'm watching my weight. But sometimes, I indulge myself *lol* Guilty pleasures!

runner- up- Coffee Jelly

I often order a venti and ask the barista to split it into two. The barista would then give you two tall cups of the beverage for the price of venti. But gone were those days... these days when you request for a split, the barista would just hand you a drinking cup which is tiny and you have to split it yourself! DUH! They learned their lesson... only in the Philippines haha

Don't get me started on the the starbucks tissue... where a friend of mine has a house full of starbucks tissue! It's free and goes along with your coffee! Take a break... you snoop!