Cathay Pacific Experience

September 17, 2008

Manila- Toronto
Part 1

We had an afternoon flight-12:30pm plane to catch and so we left our house around 8:30 am. Don't tell me that I'm all too excited because I'm not. If you tell me that, probably, you are not from Manila, Philippines. Traffic here is crazy. Traffic can stall you from one to two hours during rush hour which is what we plan to avoid in the first place.

So here we are in the airport as early as 10:30 am and checked in already. The guy who checked us in NAIA initially told us that since we had an online check in we should have fallen in line in the Cathay Pacific counter. This is after we waited for more or less thirty minutes in line. But bless, uhm, him because he said he will assist us anyway *it's his job* He is a bit chit chatty and inquired about the sights and things to see in Toronto as many passengers seems to pick Toronto to their liking. We answered that maybe it's the weather. Uh- hmm weather, you talk about it when there seems to be nothing to talk about lol So there, after rebooting his computer and the line starts getting longer, another employee of the same airline told him to quit his chit chat and proceed to check us in.

Finally, we paid the PhP 750 due for security purpose and off we go. DH was initially hesitant to go to the gate area around 11:30 am but I insisted. Going down to reach our gate, it was literally filled with passenger that we have no room to seat on. I settled for the stainless steel table and positioned my hips a bit over the the top hehe DH put his heavy backpack on to the table.

We finally board the plane by 12nn. Business class section really divides the socio-economic situation of the passengers hehe While the passengers in the business class can fully recline their seat into a sleeping position, we, at the economy class can only recline our seats in a little more than a 90 degree angle. In CX 900 and 896, only the cushion part of the seat reclines as opposed to old fleets where the entire body of the chair moves in reclining position thus disturbing the passenger behind you.

Good thing with this new fleet model is the individual television screen in front of you. Selection varies a lot and the remote control provided is user- friendly. You can watch the newest movies and t.v. series at your own screen which you can either pause, stop or play to your liking.

Oh, yeah a headset with three prong jack is also provided and collected a few minutes before landing. And no, if I may reiterate, you cannot take it home, not as a souvenir because one, the three prong jack can solely be used in flight only- Duh! which is of no use to you and two, there is a highly visible wordings on top of the headset which states that it is the property of Cathay Pacific. Shame on you if you still have it your way. Our itinerary states that lunch will be served but we only got sandwich on board. That gives us a reason to eat in our favorite chinese bar-b-q restaurant when we land in Hong Kong. Onboard juices, soda and wine are served as requested. Stewards are always attentive to our needs and request. So overall, we had a good treatment and got a service befitting economy class hehe

Around 2:40pm, we are already walking the duty free shops of Hong Kong International Airport. There is enough time for us to have a late lunch at Cafe de Coral, my favorite for its roast duck and charsiu- bbq pork rice topping combination at just HKD28. Our route from Hong Kong to Toronto is another story.