My Macbook died on me!

September 6, 2008

I was eagerly playing my FFS on facebook when suddenly my mouse won't move and the screen on my laptop freeze. A few seconds later my mouse finds its way back to life but the screen is still frozen in time. I was panicking, you don't know how stupid I felt that time. Didn't know what to do, I told DH that the macbook was not working. He checked on the laptop and at first couldn't turn it off because all the buttons was not functioning but later on the power button was restored. Al the while I thought that it will get fixed as soon as we restart the computer but no, only a gray screen with a flashing ? mark sign was displayed. When this happened, I know we were out of luck.

When we arrived home, I quickly look for the accompanying manual for the mac book and slowly followed the instructions but to no avail. The screen still possess the gray screen and the ? mark still flashes onto the screen. Damn luck~ I looked for my receipt but it's nowhere to be found. Thankfully, I got my macbook from my very good friend, CKL, she still got my receipt and I handed here my macbook for repair.

It has been almost a week since I left my macbook with her. I will leave the Philippines without my macbook. On the brighter side, it is still under warranty and I found out yesterday that the hard drive must be the culprit. So much for bringing my laptop wherever I go. It died on me when I needed it the most. What tough luck~