Sofitel Philippine Plaza

September 14, 2008

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
room 433

DH and I have the pleasure to stay in this 5 star hotel courtesy of my SIL. We made good use of the room by using it as the venue for my family's Pua Tiong Chiu or Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival.

The room is big enough to occupy 10 persons with room to spare for you to walk around. As you enter, the huge king sized bed can be readily seen on your left. Two capiz lamp is found on both side of the bed. Four fluffy pillows and a tiny bolster are neatly arranged and are all covered in white linen. The bed is pristine white. A good sign of good things to come? read along~

 king sized bed only in Sofitel Philippine Plaza

There is an individual thermostat provided for the airconditioner just in case you get a bit cold. A large console is placed opposite the bed and the tiny T.V. - 21 inch or NOT, if I'm not mistaken- is on top of it. The view from the bed of the television is crazy- too tiny to view it- Sofitel should have at least put on a 32 inch LCD t.v. Upon checking the channels, DH wonders why there were only a few and that no US channels present. It turns out you have to choose the SAT button instead of the TV button. The writing desk is adjacent to the console while a stainless floor lamp is beside the desk. Upon seeing the writing desk, DH quickly unpack his laptop to his dismay, a DSL connection costs PhP25/minute... duh~ Shouldn't it be free since you are paying top money for 5 star room and yet the DSL sucks because it charges per minute.

What the heck~ a coffee table nook was provided with two chairs that is put to good use since we are 10- Didn't I ever tell you? hehe some of us just sit on the edge of the bed.

toiletries inside the bathroom of Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Our room was facing the parking lot so much for the view. The pool view would cost us an additional whooping PhP 950 so that's the story of how we ended up with the parking view nyahahah The shower area is cool, the shower head is fixed on the ceiling and gives you a rain shower feeling. You have the option of the telephone shower which of course I didn't use lol no bathtub provided but the toiletries made up for the lack of it. Towels are generously provided- face, hand and bath towels.

rain shower

After our dice game, three of us went for a swim. You can bring the bathrobe provided in the room but I didn't. Pool towels are given by the lifeguard on duty. Initially, the pool water is a bit cold and I had a chill but it wears off afterwards. The depth of the pool is 6 feet maximum and kids can swim on the shallow end of the pool. We noticed that both our hands and feet and a bit on our back colored blue. It turns out that the color blue originated on the paint that they use to color the side and bottom of the pool. We didn't stay long after that, you don't want to see a blue monster after your swim , don't you? Shower room has three cubicles and towels can be left on the bench after use.

Unfortunately, the free room doesn't come with breakfast but morning newspaper is provided. It has ample parking even on weekends which is the peak of the week. Parking is free if you are checked in, other wise, you have to pay.

I was awoken by the sound of a plane the next morning although DH didn't hear a thing when I asked. Overall, DH and I had a nice time staying in Sofitel but still, I missed my room, my suite room hehe