Beware! Another Text Scam?

While on our way to the office, DH received a text from cell phone number 09162284066 which has the following message:

"Joanna! Tita Flor texted me. Meron daw siyang napanalunan na Calvin Klein shopping spree from Globe. Check mo nga if it's true! Text daw TREAT to 2346."

This message was received at 9:20 am. Sounds just like wrong text? You tell me. Just after reading my text that DH got in his cell phone, I got one too!

"Sheila! Si Mommy Jo nanalo ba naman ng P10, 000 Gap GC from Globe! Winner! Sabi nya, nag txt daw sya ng TREATS sa 2346. Marunong pala siya mag-text! mwahaha!"

This time the number came from 09151127746. At first, we were a bit hesitant to believe that it was a prank/scam because it sounds a little bit inviting and if you are a bit curious, you might text the number.

I called Globe to investigate in their 211 hotline. After several network busy, I was finally been able to get hold of Kaye and told her about the text incident. At first, I asked if what will happen if I text to 2346. She replied that I will be charged for the logos and ring tones that will be sent to me daily or weekly. "Whhhhhaaaat?" so what do those suckers who texted me will gain? I told her that maybe it's their company who sent those spam messages. At about this time when she told me about GTREATS which is a legal promo from globe and that GAP and CALVIN KLEIN are really included in their promo. I asked for her to report that I am complaining and that I don't even want a single spam message from their company. She sounded like she was sales talking me and telling me about all this lame promo of theirs. Well, i am not interested in their friggin' promo and told her just to report it or I'll blog about it hehe So, I'm now blogging about it.

Any same experience you want to share? Don't just shut up... BE HEARD or READ! Whatevs?!!