Fanny Serrano's Secret Cafe

My visit: November 4, 2008

Secret Cafe
69 Scout Rallos St.,
Quezon City
9255253   9257809

Tucked in a dimly lit area in Quezon City, Secret cafe is a good find. With delicious food priced inexpensively and cozy ambiance, it is worth a visit. Four of us went for a dinner to celebrate again the birthday of AC. I called and talked to their chef, Henry, to make a reservation. It turned out that we were the only diners that night.

The design of the venue was Filipino modern with drawings painted on its wall. The lights were dimmed by the waiter, Allan, for effects but he immediately brighten the area when he saw that I am taking pictures with my camera.

The Tiffany chairs added an extra glamour to the small venue. I have a complain with the legs of their tables though, it was hard for me to get my legs comfortable under. The birthday girl almost knocked over a glass because she can hardly position her legs.

Their chef was very accommodating and even suggested dishes that my vegetarian friend, LL, can eat- crispy kang kong and talong. I only tasted the crispy kang kong which is true to its description. For appetizers, we ordered kani salad and squash okoy- a must try~ Our main dish consists of pork knuckle and boneless bangus.

PE brought AC a cake and we requested from the waiter if he can slice it for us, to our delight, he placed the cake on a nice platter and gave us matching plates.

The three of them ordered coffee which tasted more like 3-in-1 coffee. Btw, get ready to pay in CASH by 8pm as the parlor closes around that time and so is the swiping machine hehe

efficient staff
knowledgable cook
food is great

no credit card after 8pm