Game Crab and Boardgame Cafe

My visit: November 8, 2008

2/F FBR Arcade
317 Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

DH and I were a bit hesitant when a friend of mine suggested this venue as our once a month dinner rendezvous.

We instantly found the place as their website suggested, it was just above the Yellow Cab Pizza. Parking lot is not a problem as they have a basement parking and it's FREE.

The venue is well lighted and with walls painted in bright colors. After all, who will want to ply in such a dull surroundings hehe Imagine canteen tables and chairs and that's what they have in Game Crab and a cushioned seat tucked in the corner which was already occupied when we arrived. There were a total of three or four tables occupied including our but later on vacant tables were quickly filled in. You can now hear jeering opponents and cheering team mates. We lost track of time and played until 1am. The waitress helped us with our inquiry in each and every game we have played. And we pick a lot, I tell you... Monopoly, Pictionary, Smarty Pants, Wheel of Fortune, and Chess. Each players has to pay PhP 45/hour. The board games are still new and in very good condition. So, visit it now.

The food was not pricey and taste not even bad. I have no problem with my Pepper Pork Steak PhP 160. A friend of mine commented that the adobo she ordered tasted more like paksiw and the lasagna tasted a bit sweet. The hot onion rings was my fav~

This a new and a good concept restaurant.