Teresa's Garden Restaurant

My visit: November 9, 2008

Teresa's Garden & Restaurant
Km. 48 Lalaan 1 St.,
Silang, Cavite

When my family went to the annual gathering in our association in Tagaytay, my siblings felt a little bit bored and went cruising along the highway. A small green signage near km. 49 caught up their attention and that was when they discovered Teresa's Garden. The small entrance was surrounded by plants and the small pathway lead you to a shrine of Mama Mary and behind it was the counter. A board hang on the wall with menu written on it. There were also a small table and two sets of sofa.

turon PhP60

There was also an outdoor covered garden with tables and chairs you can choose from. We chose a long table near the road. As we were seated, menu was immediately handed over to us. The price is cheap and the servings were big enough to split into two.

We ordered  a cup of coffee with refill PhP 60, 2 orders of turon PhP 60/order, Gulaman and Sago, Tea PhP 35, Halo- halo good to share/split into two PhP 95, mushroom soup and toasted bread.

sago't gulaman

halo halo PhP95

The turon was big and each order has two in a plate. The halo- halo topping was a bit different and I don't like it that much. Mushroom soup looked good and my brother, who ordered it, seemed satisfied. 

We took some pictures afterwards. It was raining really hard around that time but I got some good pics to share.