Home Improvement: Omni Sensor

This light sensor is very useful specially if you are like DH and I who sleep with light closed. Often times, I wake up in the middle of the night to pee and I get my knees or any part of my leg bumped into nearby furniture and/or the sides and corners of our bed. The morning I wake up I get all kinds of bruises not knowing where I got it. 

Omni light sensor

When I saw it in attached to an electrical socket in our room in Canada, I immediately liked it. It emits bright white light at night and in the morning, it turns off automatically. But I cannot buy it there in Canada, it is 110v. Luckily, I find one in SM hardware stores and with 3 designs to choose from. I asked all three to be tested and got the design which emitted brighter white light.

Now, I am happy and no more bruises.