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My visit: February 8, 2009

#4 West 4th st.,
West Triangle, Quezon City

If you want privacy, that is! This restaurant was insisted by my DB to try as he was here the night before where the place was packed with crowd. At first, I was hesitant because my DB is known for his hit-and-miss when it comes to choosing for a place to eat. I was a bit hesitant at first but finally gave in when I thought I have at least another blog to write.

Ironically, we entered an empty restaurant. We learned that Sunday is a slow day for them. With no other diners, we chose a space smack in the middle lol

The ambiance is formal and intimate which can be great for a date and tete-a-tete with friends. We were satisfied with the way their staff handled our orders and so as to our complaint. More on that later. Bread was given free of charge and can be refilled upon request.

For starters, we ordered Melted Mozzarella Cheese. It tasted quite bit salty. Afterwards the waitress explained that cheddar cheese were added in it. Darn, but the waitress apologized and so we put a pass on it but not without telling that the kitchen staff should inform their diners before they change anything in their main ingredient. The waitress offered to cancel it out on our bill but with little left on the plate we declined.

grilled lamb PhP495

My DB was given a free oysters card the day before and we used it that night. For our main course, we had grilled lamb, beef tenderloin and angel hair pasta. I find the lamb a bit pricey in this establishment comparing the content for an order in Secret Recipe, the serving of which was far way larger for almost the same price.

beef tenderloin PhP295

We ordered Honey Panna cotta, which was way too sweet and Mango Crepe for desserts. The establishment treated us with a Honey Panna Cotta maybe to compensate for our complaint earlier.

Mango Crepe PhP125

Overall, I was satisfied with how they handle our concern. So, I might be back! This time maybe on a Saturday? hehe We left the venue the same way we came in... empty.

we got 10% off or bill