Bikram Yoga Eastwood

My visit: February 16-20, 2009

Bikram Yoga Eastwood
Unit 1 Orchard Road Condominium
Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City

With the upcoming summer vacation, C and I enrolled in Bikram Yoga Eastwood studio to tone our "sexy" bodies hehe Because it was cheaper here at PhP700 unlimited practice in a week, we tried it out for a change.

We plan to do it everyday from Monday to Friday and we successfully did it. For the first two days, we got free parking- the first day, guard was not manning the post and the second day, thanks to my other friend, CKL's visitor parking space. FYI, CKL lives in the same building as where the studio is located. In the other days, we paid PhP30 for the parking fee.
C and I were lucky enough to be taught by 3 wonderful yogis in this studio in our 5 day trial period. All were well trained and capable to handle a class. I specially like B, who came from Thailand. She can show you the proper posture and it seems very easy even for a very difficult pose if she does it. The only downside in this studio is that students can bring in their cellular phones inside the room. Students turn their cellphones on immediately after class that no way can other students have their savasna. This happened twice in the short period I've practiced there. Some students even talk inside the meditation room although I have not seen a KEEP QUIET sign unlike in the studio where I practiced so maybe the students are not aware therefore are not at fault. But it's a meditation room, so go figure. I notice that the studio is not cleaned/ mop off the sweat after every class. And the mirrors are not wiped clean too.

toe stand, anyone?

While almost all women shower after practice and most took their time- four shower rooms are not enough- I tell you, only few men practice in this studio and so C and I were able to use their men's shower room twice lol no waiting in line, no hassle. Of course, we have to tell the receptionist.

Don't get me started on the locker, the space is cramp. It can only fit a small bag of toiletries, my bag could hardly fit inside. Most big bags I have seen where left on the floor. Oh, ID's are needed to avail of padlock.

I hope my body would be ready for our Boracay trip next weekend~ Geez, wishful thinking!

delightful yogis/teachers

unclean floors and mirrors
cramped locker
use of cellular phones in meditation room