Adam's Beach Resort... sucks BIG TIME!

My visit: April 25- 26, 2009

No. 20 Maligaya Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

My friends and I had a disgusting weekend beach getaway. We heard about the Nasugbu part of Batangas is not very ideal. So we set our bar of standard low but this beach resort is trashy... literally!

Adam's Beach Resort

It started out when CML and I were enticed by the way their website presented the resort. We thought that since this resort has a website of its own and the rate for the whole villa costs us PhP16, 500, it would be a pretty decent place. Bad decision.

tiny "villa" behind the pool

Our vacation hell started upon checking in. We have not settled yet and the receptionist was quick to get our remaining 50% balance and our entrance fee. Couldn't they let us put down our bags first and check their resort. We became irritated with their receptionist bugging us several times for the payment. Oh, the entrance fee is PhP 100 per pax over and above the rental of their so called villa.

cramp toilet and bath

I think they want to get the remaining balance as soon as possible so that there will be no turning back to the horror that we are about to see. Like the rusty taste and color of their faucet water which is totally not potable, taking a bath with it's water makes you feel dirty. Most of us opted to use the 5 gallon mineral water for brushing our teeth and taking a bath. The numerous stray dogs and the receptionist's bad handling towards our complaints were some of the reasons that disgust us with this resort.

Did I mention that the whole stretch of the beach is full of trash? Like used diaper, t-shirt, slippers, feces of the dogs, and to top it all... a DEAD cat!

after a few minutes of walking

the dead cat

more trash

The kids were not able to enjoy the beach and even their tiny pool. It has a depth of four feet but was not kept clean. Our trash for the entire day was not picked up the next day. And I found guards loitering our villa and seating near the pool a bit intimidating. Shouldn't the guard be manning his post and not watching/ lurking at us the entire time? When we get into our rooms, the bed sheets still has to be changed, no towels/ soap/ toilet paper available, we have to request everything and the tiny TV has one or two channels and what's even worst was that their main sliding door do not lock at all . Sure, they put one that can be easily yanked from the outside.

We learned our lesson in an expensive way... No way, we are returning to this resort! Beware!

Total cost: PhP 17, 900

rusty pipeline
rude receptionist
shoreline full of trash
dead cat
no O.R.
scaled down pool, TV, villa
deceiving website