My cousin, MJ

I just got the news this afternoon that my cousin, MJ, has passed away. Grabe~ kakakita ko lang sa kanya last time na naconfine siya sa St. Lukes due to pneumonia and now she's gone~

I was so sad yesterday when I learned the news from my mom that she was confined again and this time her condition is bad as she had undergone a bypass. I called my other cousin's (MG) phone to ask about her condition. It was my uncle who answered the phone. His voice weak, he calmly said she only have a 20% chance to live. DH and I visited her around 5 in the afternoon. I went inside Coronary Care Unit (CCU) with MG.

I barely recognize my cousin as she lay in the hospital bed. With all the tubes around her and monitors, I felt more sad. I knew she was struggling. I whispered in her ear to hang on and fight. I can not see my cousin anymore who was once so vibrant, stylish and always had a bright smile. It was as if she is a different person.

Super bilis ng pangyayari... she was confined on Sunday and gone on Friday. This is a sad day~