Blogger Event: Red Ribbon's White Forest

September 17, 2009
Red Ribbon
Libis, Quezon City
If the "Let there be White" caption isn't intriguing enough, I would not have braved through the heavy downpour last night. I was at the venue a few minutes before 7pm. Thanks to CML who went with me and showed me how to get there.

CML and I

welcome banner

I saw two welcome banners, one above the entrance door and the other one would greet you upon entering in. This must be a well thought of event! I'm excited!

Then I saw the buffet table set up and Red Ribbon food was being place neatly one by one straight out from the kitchen...

garden salad with caesar and italian dressing

I love the garden salad to the point that I had second serving of it lol Both dressings are superb!

corn and carrots, chicken cordon bleu and plain rice

This is my first time to try their chicken cordon bleu and i am not disappointed. It has a hefty serving of chicken and the right crunch to it.

spaghetti with meatball sauce

If you would ask me, I like them to bring back the old spaghetti recipe. The new spaghetti with meatball has an Italian taste to it while the former recipe was like a home cooked sweet style spaghetti. Very Filipino! Please bring it back.

fresh green salad

Pardon me if I was only able to capture just my salad which is pictured above. Red Ribbon's dishes were so delectable that I forgot about why I was really there and succumb to the temptation of trying each and every dish without taking its picture lol

Jonel Uy of nomnomclub

After the filling dinner, bloggers were ushered to a nearby function room for the much awaited launching of Red Ribbon's newest cake addition. Jonel Uy of the nomnomclub formally welcomed all of us bloggers.

with Ms. Pam Reyes of Red Ribbon

All bloggers were thrilled when Ms. Pam Reyes told us about the raffles and games to be conducted alongside the launching of their newest baby.

Mr. Randy with Jon picking out the first winner

Before the showing of the new TVC, Jon picked out the first lucky winner of the PhP300 worth of gift certificate.

black forest cake

A short AVP was played to introduce the new innovation of Red Ribbon- the White Forest. It is inspired by one of Red Ribbon's signature cake- the Black Forest cake which originated in Germany.

The cake in itself looks appetizing, delectable, sweet and creamy. The use of maraschino cherries as topping makes it a whole lot more sophisticated.

white forest cake PhP560

The Red Ribbon White Forest is made with creamy white chocolate and light, moist white chiffon cake layered between real cherry bits filling and a fusion of cream and white chocolate flakes. The cake is gloriously crowned with beautiful cream rosettes with luscious long- stemmed, red maraschino cherries on top. It is enrobed in and generously finished melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate shavings.

long-stemmed maraschino cherry

A slice of the new Red Ribbon's White Forest was served after the AVP presentation.

long stem

hep hep hooray game

last two men standing

There were numerous raffles, trivia portion and a game was played during the entire event. Lucky me for I get to win PhP300 and PhP900 worth of GCs from it.

and the winner is.... me!

ube mamon

our loot along with a whole box of White Forest cake... yum!

Thanks to Mr. Jonel Uy of nomnomclub for inviting me to this event!

The new Red Ribbon White Forest cake is available in Regular PhP560 and Junior PhP335 sizes.

Be the first ones to taste it today!