Manila Peninsula at 33!

Yesterday, September 14, was Manila Peninsula's 33rd anniversary. Coinciding this, The Pen is offering 3 dishes on their menu at 1976's price- PhP33 each. These are halo halo, pancit luglog and schueblig.

I was not able to dine but my good friend, AC braved the crowd at 7 am. She was in fact early, way early that she only waited for 15 minutes to get a table. She gave me permission to blog and lend me the pictures of the classic food on the menu with price roll back.

clockwise- pancit luglog, halo halo and shueblig

All three ordered would have a total amount of PhP120 tax included. Swak sa budget! Cheap hotel food lol

halo halo

She was so full that she was not able to eat lunch anymore, such an oink oink lol Peace sis!