Mondo Juice... where everything is fresh, no sugar added!

My visit: September 9, 2009

Level 4, Building B
SM Megamall
Ortigas Center, Makati

"All natural fruit smoothies, no syrup or artificial sweeteners added" That is Mondo Juice's tag line. It is quite catchy specially if you are a health conscious person. It sure got my attention as I walked passed by SM Megamall's new wing, the Atrium.

menu board

I like their menu board. It has vivid pictures of fruits which would connote that everything served is real fruit. The menu board also offers various combinations of fruit drink from smoothies to freshly squeezed.

sandwiches and desserts

I was not able to order any of these desserts or sandwiches as I just had lunch. Maybe on my next visit.

seating area

I think the seating capacity would be for 20 persons. The space is good enough for a small barkada to hang out.

information sticked for your drink

I ordered Classico under their premium fruit smoothies. Classico consists of strawberries, bananas, orange juice and apple juice. A solo cup costs PhP110 while the mondo cup costs PhP155. No sugar or sweetener was added on my drink so I get the real deal. The problem I had without the added sugar, I was not able to finish my drink lol Mainly because the fruit combination is sour (maasim). But what the heck, it's a healthy drink. Nobody says that going healthy is sweet and easy.

classico- strawberries, bananas, apple juice and orange juice- PhP110/ solo cup

apple and carrot juice- PhP135/solo

My DM ordered the apple and carrot juice combination under the fresh pressed juice category. The juice tasted more carrot than apple. I think it is better if they put more apple in it to make it palatable. Maybe next time, I should request it.

The people manning the booth are all knowledgeable about their product. One person even told me about the different countries where they import all their fruits. They even offer a shot (an ounce) of wheatgrass for only PhP85.

Their flyers, found on top of the counter, are very informative about their products and it even showed some random facts.

I would like to come back to try some of the other drinks that they are offering.