Mandarin Sky Seafood & Shabu Shabu Restaurant

My visit: November 21, 2009

Mandarin Sky Seafood & Shabu Shabu Restaurant
Banawe corner Atok St.,
Quezon City
7405783 7406134

DH and I were in luck. Mandarin Sky opens early this week and today a 20% discount was given to all diners. The downside was that you have to pay in cash. No credit cards yet. We were there before 11am, the aircon has not cooled the surroundings yet. A waiter was still mopping the floor. Some waitresses were still putting utensils on the empty tables. So, even with only one other table being occupied, it was hard to call the attention of the waiters/ waitresses.


Their price is cheaper compared to Causeway's. Maybe that's why their version is smaller too?


The siomai is smaller compared to Causeway's.

sticky rice PhP48

The sticky rice has a slice of chorizo, bits of pork inside.

asado siopao

I like their version of asado siopao though. No hoisin sauce was needed.


I found only three pieces of spareribs. 

sweet and sour fish fillet PhP150

They served the sweet and sour sauce separately from the breaded fish fillet. I like Ling Nam's sweet and sour sauce better. Mandarin's version is more sweet than sour lol

Their shabu shabu should better be worth going back for.