Milkyway Restaurant in Greenhills

My visit: January 2010

Milky way
Ground Floor, VMall
Greeenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan CIty

lechon kawali PhP180

This is a must order when you dine in Milky Way. Crunchy... cooked perfectly every time!

fried lumpiang 2pcs. PhP80

I don't know how to make this dish so I order it whenever I see it on the menu. Or in this case, I saw it on their glass shelves. Always perfect with vinegar!

morcon PhP250

In my search for the perfect morcon, the one made and prepared from scratch by my late grandmother, I ordered this one. My search remains futile. Like the one in Crisostomo, this too is not at par with my grandmother's morcon! And pricey! I was shocked when I was billed PhP250 for a measly one sliced morcon. Daig pa ang Crisostomo, where an order of 3 slices of morcon was priced at PhP395. But it's my bad, I didn't ask how much it was in the first place!

Actually, this is quite a bit pricey carinderia/ turo turo set up restaurant or whatever you might want to call it. Carinderia/turo turo is a restaurant where you pick your orders not from the menu but straight from the glass shelves. Prices, more often than not, are not indicated. It is usually found and located in taxi car barns and other edifice which held may offices. Often seen in side streets. I know, I should take a picture of the glass shelves counter next time.

I must stick with lechon kawali next time! Rice at PhP25/cup.