Crisostomo turn of the century Filipino cuisine

My visit: December 24, 2009

2d level Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City, E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue,
Libis, Quezon City

On the 24th of December, DH and I usually go out on a date for lunch. Noche Buena is usually spent in our home. More often than not, we would dine somewhere in Tagaytay or have buffet lunch in one of the hotels in the metro. But since I did not make any restaurant reservations this year and we wanted to watch Avatar the movie, we ended up having a quick lunch in one of the restaurants in Eastwood Mall.


Our first choice was Cyma, you can never go wrong with this restaurant. The problem was we were there a bit early and so most of their supplies were not yet delivered for the day.

I dunno what I am doing here

We ended up with a restaurant named Crisostomo which has Filipino cuisine to offer. It is a restaurant by a known chef called Florabel. At first, we hesistated because DH and I are both not partial to Filipino cuisine. But then again, the next restaurant is a French one and I need my rice lol So, Crisostomo it is!

elegant set up


We were the only diners during the duration of our lunch. The service was fast and efficient. When I ask for their specialty on the menu though, the waiter was quick to suggest the angus beef and the lobster. Eeeeeer... I didn't ask for the most expensive item on the menu lol

Crisostomo table setting; candle holder

This candle holder reminds me of the one I had restored from Keystone Lamps and Shades, Inc. a few weeks back.

 crispy beef y albino PhP250

One word... maalat (salty)! This is salad greens with beef tapa and kesong puti. The kesong puti, white cube cheese on the left side of the picture, is in itself salty. Add a dash of salt and pepper and there you have it... salty salad!

DH and I tried our hardest to finish the salty salad even though the serving was a bit small. I took the greens and give it a little shake to loosen the saltiness. I could have requested for a water haha to wash my greens lol Good thing, the beef on top of the salad was crunchy!

Elias' choice PhP295

If you are a foreigner dining in this restaurant, you would find it hard to order. You wouldn't understand why they named the items on the menu as such. I myself could not relate to it. Like this Elias' Choice for instance, it's an oyster with garlic and cheese. This order was served fresh. I love it!

Emilio PhP395

I was disappointed with this item. This is supposed to be morcon- a traditional Filipino dish. It tasted nothing like the morcon of my maternal grandmother. It tasted more like mechado, another Filipino dish with tomato sauce. OMG, I missed my grandmother and her morcon! The beef was tender though. We only had a slice, two thirds that was left, we took home.

Corregidor PhP250

I am not fond of dinuguan. This is DH's order! He likes this one. I tried a piece and it tasted fairly well. But for the amount, I could get like four or five orders from Goldilocks Bakeshop lol

We didn't expect much from this restaurant. What draws me or got to my curiosity is the name of Chef Florabel. Otherwise, we would have skip this restaurant like what we have been doing for Abe, another Filipino cuisine restaurant.