Chinese New Year dinner with family at Kimono Ken!

My visit: February 14, 2010

Kimono Ken
256 Tomas Morato
cor. Fuentebella St.,
Quezon City

It was busy day/ night for restaurants that night! Thanks to the commercialization and hype brought by Valentine's Day!

We went out for dinner at Kimono Ken with my side of the family for a Chinese New Year celebration which incidentally falls on the same day as Valentine's day!

Kimono Ken is a safe choice for a Japanese restaurant. They serve cheap and good Japanese cuisine. Two qualities that would attract budget conscious people.

Our orders:

miso soup PhP45

california maki PhP125

l-r uni sushi Php135, shake sushi PhP120

shake sashimi PhP195

We ordered another shake sashimi since we computed that shake sashimi was more practical to order than shake sushi. But we were disappointed when the second order came. It was smaller and thiner in size than our first order. The picture above was our first order.

tamago PhP95

It was nice of the kitchen staff to design their tamago sashimi with heart!

chahan PhP120

DS always orders this chahan whenever we dine here. I find it oily though.

 ebi tempura prawn (5pcs.) PhP300

I like their tempura!

chicken teriyaki PhP185

We also ordered coffee jelly PhP80 (not in the picture). It was immediately consumed haha Too bad, I have no picture to share with you lol