Lunch at Cooking Mama

It was quite sometime since my last visit in this quaint restaurant. Surprisingly, on all my three visits, I was with my BFF. Boy! DH should be jealous with GAT by now as I am spending more and more time with her these past few days lol But oye, GAT is practicing medicine again come the month of May. I will surely miss her ;p BFF, we haven't gone to have the milk bath, remember?!

Sorry about that. Back to Cooking Mama, we were not able to taste its lunch offering before and last Tuesday was an opportune time before our Jewelmer event.

The owners were present that day, and in my eagerness to try out their lunch menu, I wanted to order both the porkchop rice and the tapa rice. I consciously reminded myself that I was wearing a dress and I will be attending an event after. And that I can't look any fatter than I am hahaha So I ask the "cooking daddy" himself for suggestion. He picked the beef tapa rice, so I ordered it.

beef tapa rice with sunny side up egg PhP170

I noticed that they didn't bother to lay out a knife on the table for my beef tapa, I would have requested for it but close my mouth shut after gently slicing through the tapa meat. It was so tender that I can even use my spoon to cut through portion of it. I wonder where they get the meat from- Monterey or Tenderbites? haha Is the secret in the marinade? I will keep in mind to ask them on my next visit.

 fish fillet in creamy pesto sauce PhP220

BFF thought the topping taste like the one sampled to us a few weeks back but it's not. The one that was offered for us to taste was spinach artichoke spread. As with all cream dory fish, this one tasted good but I find it a bit pricey though at PhP220.

We came and left in a rush. We will stay a bit longer next time! I miss their bread and chocolate lava... yum!