Milkyway Restaurant in Power Plant

My visit: April 11, 2010

Milkyway Restaurant
Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center,
Makati City

DH was enticed to try Milkyway again last Sunday because he remembered that I was raving about their halo- halo, a local dessert of shaved ice and milk with topings like banana,red beans, gulaman, ube, ice cream and langka. I, on the other hand, was raring to go in because I saw the Benchman himself dining... he might spot me and my dream of becoming a model might come true! lol

Eventhough Milkyway is situated in a classy mall like Power Plant, it has not lost its turo- turo concept. But with our orders ictured below, it was just written down in a small paper. The manager must have sense that I was not keen in ordering the food displayed on of the counter lol

lamb caldereta PhP155

This dish reminds me of Hossein's Mache Polo at a fraction of the cost. Delicious, if you are a lamb lover like me! Tender lamb cubes and savory sauce hmmm... yummy!

paksiw na lechon PhP155

I was really annoyed at myself that day, I mistook the lechon paksiw for lechon kawali which I usually order from Milkyway Greenhills branch. My mom's lechon paksiw is better than Milkyway's. I found it too sour. But it's not too bad naman that we can't eat it. In fact, it tasted better when I reheated the leftover the next day.

milkyway halo- halo PhP95

DH's verdict on halo- halo? Nothing spectacular hehe He likes Iceberg's version better than Milkyway's. Rice is about PhP30 each and bottled water is PhP30. Speaking of bottled water, it is the only restaurant that I have been to that doesn't serve service or filtered water. What a shame!

But cheapskate that I am and for the love of lamb, I will definitely go back and this time, I will bring a carry on water bottle with me lol