Summer Time: Bakasyunan sa Baybay Dagat

My visit: April 9- 10, 2010

Sitio Lawak, Brgy. Amungan,
Iba, Zambales
4408802   7064509

My friends and I have an annual beach party. Last year was the stinky Adam's Beach Resort. The kids were traumatized and don't want to go if they hear the place Batangas. But not all beaches in Batangas are the same. Canyon Cove is very nice because it has huge swimming pool and a clean beach at the same time. And the sunset is great!

We went north this year and Zambales was our final destination. Even with paved new road in NLEX and NCTEX, our group of 5 cars drove for 5 hours.

The resort was well maintained. Upon check- in, I noticed that most personnel were cleaning the area- picking trash and our transporting the luggage of their guests in and out of their room. Everybody was helpful. 

the house we rented has 2 floors and four rooms

We rented the whole house, the 2 rooms on the ground floor are PhP3, 600 each. Each room sleeps 4 pax. While the 2 rooms on the second floor are priced at PhP4, 200 each which has a loft, this room can accommodate 6 pax. 

 inside my room on the ground floor

opposite side of my room

The problem with going on vacation during long weekend is that most people go on vacation too lol And with that, water is insufficient. Our friends who rented the second floor has to go to one of the two rooms on the ground floor. The lock on our bathroom door was locked from the inside. Good thing their maintenance man was on call. He was able to fix it at first but the second time it was broken, the whole knob has to be taken out and we were left with bathroom door lock. A girl handed us a key to lock the room but it's useless. Locking the sliding door was very tedious and would not lock at all. 

LC's kids with me in my room on the ground floor

Our 3 single friends rented out a room which costs PhP2, 000, an extra bed costs PhP500. The apartment is just opposite the main house that we rented. 2 drivers stayed in one of these kubo PhP1, 400/kubo

picture of a growing family

swimming pool

Sadly, we were not able to swim in the pool. It was full of kids and adults on both days that we were there. 

grotto group pic- girls only!


 me with kids 

DH and I

After our complains were heard by the management. A room was not charged in our bill. That's quality handling by the management! We used the reimbursed money for an afternoon snack in Yellow Cab pizza along the highway lol