New Find: MoMo Cafe

My visit: May 3, 2010

MoMo Cafe
G/F Space A-124
Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

DH and I usually scout for restaurants we have not tried before. We chanced upon MoMo Cafe when we went to Eastwood City to watch Ironman 2.

We quickly got a table by the window. The place was full yet the service rendered by the staff were efficient. I requested for an iced cold glass of water for DH and no ice in mine, when the waiter returned with our drink he knew and served the iced cold water in DH's side and no ice on my side. As we finished eating our salad, I thought of requesting for a change of plate. But the waiter must have read my mind and he was already changing our plates, of course, after asking if we were done with our salad. These little request are sometimes overlooked by other restaurants or other times totally neglect their diners.

 herb pumpkin cream & bacon bits PhP130

I requested to split our pumpkin soup into two bowls. I saw in the other table that only one bread per soup ordered but we were given individual bread instead of slicing one bread into half ;p

 the MOMO gourmet PhP250

Ever tasted roasted garlic Shitake mushrooms on your salad? I love Shitake musrhrooms! This, I have got to order. Plus, the fresh white cheese or kesong puti on the salad have sealed the deal lol Remember in my last post how I fell in love with kesong puti? Now, I really look for it on the menu and order whatever dish that included it. The salad has candied walnut, sliced oranges, arugula mixed greens and Raspberry-Balsamic vinaigrette as its dressing.

sweet and smoky hickory bbq rib-lets PhP395

The menu describe it as fork tender and off the bone alright but as if the meat has been scrape to the bone as the only meat we found were those in between the bones. DH even kidded that the top part must have been scraped and used in other dishes lol I say we got what we have paid for.

MoMo Cafe, Chelsea and Mr. Jones are under one and the same company. I have been to Chelsea and now MoMo Cafe, my next stop is Mr. Jones! I have read some raves and rants about the place and the generous toasted garlic on their tapa. I guess, I have to find out for myself if I will rave about it or I will rant about it.