Old Chinatown Kopitiam

My visit: May 6, 2010

Old Chinatown Kopitiam
86 Maria Clara St.,
Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

DH and I have been putting off eating here again. The last time we went, we were not satisfied with the food that we ordered which were mostly new addition to the menu at that time. When my cousin and I agreed to meet and eat in Banawe area. I suddenly faced a blank wall. If I will bring her to Fu Chi dumplings it would be too cheap of me, the next best restaurant is Cafe Monaco but I just ate there a couple of days ago. When she said she knew/ heard/ read somewhere about Old Chinatown Kopitiam and we were already right outside the restaurant with a vacant parking space, I parked my car. End of discussion lol

my doctor cousin and I

We ordered food that are not complicated just to be on the safe side. I was not disappointed this time. And yes, they have the wonton wrapper cracker appetizer that day but it was only served after I requested for it.

silky tofu with mushroom PhP175

 Kopi Spareribs PhP198

hainanese chicken rice PhP108

l-r iced teh tarik PhP80 and hot teh tarik PhP75

My cousin, who has been gallivanting around the world, ordered hot teh tarik while I had iced teh tarik. Eeer, how could I still drink Serenitea after this meal? lol Oh, you bet I could and we had some more tea that afternoon....

My cousin and I had a lot of catching up to do. We had tea overload to say the least that day ; p