Kate by Kanebo

Last August 1, 2010 after a tiring shopping spree at Robinsons Galleria, AC and I went to Port 88 Ready, Set, Sale at the Megatent events venue. 

Looking through aisle and aisle of clothes, shoes and what not, I found a stall selling Kanebo products. Kanebo is a brand I heart!

KATE my color shadow PU-1 PhP100

For KATE my color shadow, you can do away with its holder/case which is sold separately for PhP30. I didn't buy it anymore because the applicator can be used in itself.

I love it because it glides easily on my eyelids. And it didn't smudge and the color stayed on even after several hours.

KATE my color pencil GD-2 PhP100

Now, with Kate my color pencil, I really have to buy the case because the mechanism won't work without the case worth PhP30. 

This yellow colored pencil when lined on your eyelids will produce glittering effect. Sad to say, not much of the color yellow would show. 

Yesterday, I prowl at the SM Kanebo counter. My jaw dropped when I learned that the eye shadow and eye pencil cost more than PhP300 each! And the case is at PhP60 each. 

If I had known I would have bought tons of make up to stash... not! lol Hello, I'm first and foremost kuripot before becoming a make up junkie! lol