145˚ Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafoods

My visit: July 31, 2010

145˚ Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafoods
UG Floor, Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrinan,
Quezon City

After a lack luster dimsum snack at King Bee Chinese Food, we met with a couple of friends to have dinner at 145˚ Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafoods. It's a good thing though that we have eaten merienda because the order took so long to arrive at our table. Ok, if 45 minutes isn't long enough, I take it back.

bread on the house

The bread and the spread is delicious. Bubusugin ka sa bread and spread. There is a roast beef buffet for PhP1399++. You have to make an advance call because the next one served is next to eternity lol Like after your first plate, let the waiter know that you are having another one. But even that would take a long while. Plus, you can't do anything if they tell you that it's the last slice of their roast beef lol



The soup and salad came with the roast beef buffet along with choco mousse dessert which is yummy!
If you have ordered an entree like I did, you can have the soup and salad add on for just PhP250.

roast beef buffet

The buffet is per order basis meaning they will take your order and serve the roast beef to you. Our friends, DH included  had 4-5 slices of roast beef each. The slices were at times thiner. No consistency with the slice here. Maybe you get a thinner slice when they are running out of beef to serve lol

Kidding aside, the beef is tender. And they would cook it the way you want it-medium rare, well done, etc.

choco mousse

lamb chop PhP850

You should know that the lamb is what I have ordered! I simply can't over eat so the all-you-can-eat roast beef is not for me. Not now that my jeans are getting uncomfortable to fit into.

A friend and I had repeated request for mint sauce. And each time, we were given only a small amount not even filling a teaspoon. And after the third request, the request was not granted anymore because it's already out of stock ; (

I had the best tasting lamb chops in La Reserve, Boracay. And every time, I used it as a gauge/basis to rate my lamb chops. And this one, sad to say, failed comparably with what I had. Not only La Reserve's was cheaper at PhP560, it's also juicier and tastier. Much more value for your money. So, my quest for lamb chop in Manila is still on! I bet no restaurant can beat the one I had in La reserve. It surely is worth the wait and the trip lol

orange strawberry shake PhP165

This shake tastes delicious! I can make this at home. I should get my ass off this chair and do it lol

333 mint jelly

Anyway, I was not able to finish my lambchops but I got to take it home with me. I was only able to eat the remaining lambchop after two days. I removed the crumbs on top, put it inside the microwave and ate it. Good thing I had a mint jelly supply in our refrigerator lol I had all the mint I want and never run out of it!