Sunsilk inspired Nail Art!

I know this is a bit late because it's Monday already. I have been a working girl for the past couple of weeks so I was not able to fulfill a change of polish every Thursday.

So, anyway, while waiting for my family to pick me up on a Sunday afternoon, I got 30 minutes to spare. I took out my nail polish kit and made this new nail art creation inspired by Sunsilk Co- Creation Damage Repair shampoo!

   Bobbie Premium Nail Cream Hot collection in salmon

After applying a base coat, I used Bobbie Premium Nail Creme SALMON as my base color. I applied a total of three coats.

l. a. colors art deco in yellow

With a swirl design on both side, it looks like a wave.

l.a. colors art deco in gold

I used l.a. colors art deco in gold to trace the sides of the yellow. It gives shimmer to the nail art!

l.a. colors art deco in red

To make the nail art stand out, I applied l.a. colors art deco in red in the middle.

Sunsilk inspired nail art

This is my nail art after applying top coat and Kwik Dry!

Alright, hope you are as inspired as I am!