CenterStage Family KTV & Resto Bar

My visit: August 29, 2010

2/F CTTM Square 
Timog cor Tomas Morato, QC
9207754   9268365   9266440   2390071

DH has been bugging me to go back to Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House. The night before my Kimpura won over Mey Lin. We spend our regular Saturday date night eating black Angus beef tee hee 

I want karaoke night, DH wants Mey Lin. CenterStage is the only way to go! Located in Timog, it has ample parking space at the ground floor and basement. 

What got me excited was that we can eat inside a private karaoke room with no minimum consumable amount per room or per person. The usage of the karaoke room was free. I can't believe what I was hearing that I probably asked the personnel twice haha He told me that it's their promotion until the end of August hehe

fried salted spareribs PhP210

Eeeer, I was busy singing plus my camera battery died on me. I know, excuses, right? All pictures were shot using DS new Canon Ixus 105 camera!

Ok, I can still give you a rundown of what we have ordered + how much to give you an idea hehe

3 cups chicken PhP230 I love it!
Dried string beans Php170 DH's favorite!
Yangchow fried rice Php180
Squid with special sauce PhP220
Coke regular 60@ No to DIE-t Coke haha

You can view the string beans and squid with special sauce here.

We only spent like PhP1230.90 for the entire night for all 5 of us. Service charge included ; p

my family 

DH and I hogging the mic

I wish I could post our videos singing but the Miro Video Converter that I downloaded and my sister's new camera are not compatible haha Good for your ears! You would not be able to hear our howling the entire night lol

Next time I am going to a karaoke, I will make sure my camera is fully charged lol

The chismosa in me wanna know, where do you usually have your karaoke nights?