Cafe Platito atbp.

August 30, 2010

Platito Coffee Shop
Unit #2 Cliff House
Aguinldo Hi- way
Maharika, Tagaytay

It was a rainy night in Tagaytay and the restaurant I frequent to, Buon Giorno, was full of diners. We ended up in Cafe Platito ATBP.

I don't know if the rain caused the service to be slow. It was also hard to get the attention of the server. It might be because of the position of our table which was on the far side. Initially, we were given only 3 sets of cutlery even though we were four in a table. Maybe because we only ordered three dishes?

Here's our order: 

longaniza PhP198

This is quite expensive for a local fare. A plate has only four longaniza- pork sausage about the length of my pinky, 2 eggs and a rice. The taste of the longaniza was not even impressive. 

White River Cobbler Fish Fillet PhP298

Don't let the fancy name fool you, it's just cream dory from what we were told. The taste was just alright. I can order this elsewhere and it would cost cheaper. It came with fries.

American beef burger PhP198

My dad liked his American beef burger. So this must be the saving grace from amongst all our order. 

Tagaytay has numerous dining places. I will try another restaurant on my next visit! Do you have any suggestions?