Delifrance Take The Chicken Bourbon Challenge

free flame-grilled Chicken Bourbon sandwich sampler

Clutching the coupon that was emailed to me, I recited the tongue twister "How much bourbon could a chicken drink if a chicken could drink bourbon?" 3x to the person behind the cash register. And just like that, I got half an order of chicken bourbon for FREE.

Surprisingly, I like its sweet barbecue taste. If you like Aristocrat's chicken barbecue, you will like this order. It's a rather small order and I wasn't aware that I am just getting half an order because I don't like reading fine prints. I don't even know it has fine prints until another blogger pointed it out to me.  Totally my fault. Good thing, I was just in the area when I claimed it. 

Visit here for more details. Promo ends October 31, 2010.

Delifrance Chicken Bourbon costs PhP99. With chips and Coke PhP140.

beef oriental PhP199

While already there, I ordered Fish Pomodoro and Beef Oriental rice topping PhP199 each. Fish Pomodoro includes small nugget sized fish fillet on rice with side salad and drink. I like the rich tomato taste of the sauce used in this dish. While the gravy on the beef is not that evident, the mushrooms are aplenty. Mushroom actually looks more than the beef. 

I have to warn you that both orders were not enough to fill hungry people. I ordered an additional ensaymada just to fill our stomachs.