Izakaya Nihonbashitei Steak

My visit: October 3, 2010

800 Arnaiz Ave., 
San Lorenzo, Makati City
8188893   8188894

I have a very high expectation for Nihonbashitei. Because whenever my car passes by, the parking is always full. The food might be good or so I thought. But what really caught my fancy is the word STEAK written outside the restaurant. That was why I convinced DH to try this one out.

We walked in a pretty busy restaurant. But none of the behind the counter loud-mouth-complaining sushi chefs which I found tacky in Kikufuji just a few meters away in Little Tokyo. We were quickly lead to our seat at the very far end of the restaurant. Restaurants around this area has spacious dining area. Most of the private rooms are for smokers. 

 When I asked for their steaks, the waitress told me that their teppanyaki is on the second floor. Apparently, we were at the wrong part of the restaurant ; p Didn't I tell you that this restaurant is huge?

Here's what we ate that night:

salmon sashimi PhP220

According to DH, although the salmon sashimi looks pale in comparison with what the other Japanese restaurants within the area serves, the taste is just the same.

special yaki gyoza PhP150

Gyoza was the last one served, we were actually done with our food and couldn't get to finish this order so we just opted to take it home. The restaurant will charge you with PhP10 for a styro take out. I opted for plastic wrap to go which is free lol

 ika ichiyaboshi yaki PhP310

I actually like their ika as compared to the one we ordered in Kikufuji. DH says otherwise, he likes the Kikufuji version better. He noted that Kikufuji didn't slice the ika meat this way. So, don't take my word for it haha DH is the Japanese sushi master lol I think I liked this more because a mayo was served on the side hehe

 una ju PhP350

I was quite disappointed with their unagi because it was dry like it was heat and reheated several times. DH told me that I felt that way because the unagi was thin and not much meat to it. This, for me, is an expensive order.

 tamago local sashimi PhP180

The outer portion of the tamago was overcooked so I took away most of that part and just ate the inner portion.

 shime saba sushi PhP55@, shiromi sushi PhP55@

 shima aji sushi PhP35@

 ebi sushi PhPPhP55 each

When we reached the car, DH told me he likes Kikufuji more.Nonetheless, we had a full stomach that night. With a smoking section within a restaurant, be prepared to smell like barbecue when you went home haha

I hope to try the other Japanese restaurants around that area or we should try the steak teppanyaki on the second floor. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions on where to eat next?