Home Improvement: Zebra Plant and more!

Except for the last picture which is Zebra plant, I don't know the names of the plant in the following pictures below. 

I shot all these plant photos on my way out of the house. These plants, I don't know if some are orchids, are all found in our garden.

Calathea Zebrina- PhP200; wooden bucket PhP1, 500 from Market Market

Calathea Zebrina or simply known as Zebra plant because of the striking stripes found on the leaves are easy to care if you know how haha DH and I bought two Zebra plants from Manila Seedlings for PhP200 per pot. One was placed at the entrance (shown in the picture) while the other pot was placed indoor near the second floor landing. Too much sun can cause the leaves to fold while too much water can rotten its roots. Not enough sun can cause the leaves to turn yellow which was what happened to our potted plant placed near the second floor landing.

Right now, that Zebra plant is relocated near our dining table which has a glass sliding door. With the morning sun shining through the glass door, the plant can live longer. Crossing my fingers!