Delifrance Christmas gift packages!

My family and I are loyal customers of Delifrance, I even took the Chicken Bourbon Challenge hehe It is my dad's favorite restaurant and almost every Sunday, if our schedule permits, we have our breakfast over there after our morning walk. And dad's order would always be Breakfast Deluxe Tray with Ciabatta bread and strawberry jam ; )

I was excited when I got an invite to sample Delifrance's Christmas offerings! And they have a lot, I tell you! 

Premium English Fruitcake solo PhP260

Yummy! That's what I can say with Delifrance's Premium English Fruitcake. Different nuts, cherries and prunes were on top of the cake. To my delight, unlike any commercial cakes available, this cake was moist and didn't scrimp on ingredients. 

Some might cringe at the thought of receiving a fruitcake this holiday season, I say, buy yourself a solo size fruitcake first and then tell me why you wouldn't want to receive it in the holidays to come. DH love it too!

With blister packaging, I can be assured that what I eat is fresh. I still have yet to taste French Espresso and Food for the Gods, it will stay refrigerated for long, I tell you. And I can't wait!

These fruitcakes are available in Grand (3.5 lbs.) PhP1760, Deluxe (1.5 lbs.) PhP780, Duo PhP515, Solo PhP260.

 Dark Chocolate Pistachio (8's) PhP170

I was handed three different varieties of cookies- dark chocolate pistachio, coffee cinnamon and dark chocolate mint! The last two cookies come in a pack of 8 at PhP100 per pack.

I get to taste dark chocolate pistachio. The cookies were so soft and chewy at the same time! I heart it! If I am not only limiting my intake of food these days, I would have finished off the entire thing on my plate!

Other cookies available are Choco Chip Almond Biscotti (7's) PhP250- my mom's favorite and Mocha Macadamia (8's) PhP185.

Almond Toffee Bark PhP195

Almond Toffee Bark is elegantly wrapped in dark brown paper and sealed in a box. Perfect gift for a person with sweet tooth. 

The photo below is one of the four hampers available this holiday season.

Delifrance's revelry hamper PhP2650
  • House Red Wine (750ml)
  • House White Wine (750ml)
  • Choco Pecan Tart
  • Premium English Fruitcake (solo)
  • Fantasy Fudge (312g)
  • Assorted Bars (16's)
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie (8's)
Enjoy Christmas with Delifrance!