Universal Studios Singapore Characters Photo Ops

My visit: November 15, 2010

8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island, 
Singapore 098269

Day 2

with Woody Woodpecker

Universal Studios Singapore presents... Woody and me hehe

and I thought I was the only star for the day

Eeep! Two simultaneous peace sign pictures!

I got wet... no kidding!

with M&Ms

Oh, boy! I didn't eat that lol

clearly, I'm not afraid for my life!

heavy... not!

with Revenge of the Mummy characters Egyptian Royalty and the Army of Anubis

alien warrior at Sci-Fi City character

Both characters from Sci-Fi City are Filipinos!

ala Marilyn Monroe

with Beetlejuice

with my friends AC and Jo

oh! Puss In Boots

I wasn't able to meet Shrek ; (

Kung Fu Panda

with Frankenstein

weeeeee! Betty Boop!

Take 2 with Mrs. Woodpecker

Bus stop to Universal Studios Singapore is just a step outside our hotel. Remember the tip the hotel receptionist gave us? We got into the Universal Studios shuttle bus, showed our online tickets and we didn't pay a single cent. Entrance is S$66. Upon entering, we were all given S$5 food voucher and another S$5 gift voucher. My friend, AC, used her Mastercard, had she brought her credit card to Singapore, we would each have S$25 more. 

boo hoo! This is the one I rode lol

But nonetheless, we had a good time in Universal Studios watching stage shows, taking our pictures with the characters and buying souvenirs, of course! Rides is not on my list. Treasure Hunters in Ancient Egypt was the only one that I had experience lol

But the day isn't over yet. Next stop, Singapore Flyer!