Getting to know Coach Signature Fragrance

Just like my affinity with deodorant which is zero to none,  I am not so much into fragrances. Shocking revelation? Yeah?! I am so unlike my brother and my dad who can finish up a 50ml bottle in a week's time. How? By spraying all over their entire body. I must be like my mom who doesn't like wearing perfume that much. The only difference is that she has a signature scent- Samsara by Guerlain. 

I can only name one bottle that I was able to use up and bought two bottles more after- Clinique Happy. (I guess this is my signature scent , huh?) To give you an idea on how long a bottle can last with me, a cousin of mine gave me a bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance during my visit to Canada in the year 2003. Guess what? The half empty bottle is still with me and yet I considered it as my second favorite scent haha I have perfumes that are really, really old but I still keep them. I don't know if that is good or bad. Does perfumes have an expiry date? Enlighten me.

Coach Signature Eau de Toilette 50ml PhP3700

Remember awhile back I told you I had a meeting with GoodSkin Lab's Marketing Executive. What I didn't tell you is that I also met with Aramis Designer Fragrance Brand Coordinator, Krishna.  These two companies are divisions under Estee Lauder Co. I was given a Coach Signature EDT 50ml to try.

What is Eau De Toilette?
  • According to Wikipedia it is a diluted perfume. It literally means Toilet Water. 
  • According to it has around 1-6% perfume concentrate. This makes for a light scent that doesn't linger as long as the more intense version. It was originally intended to be a refreshing body splash to help people wake up in the morning.

If I have to characterized Coach Signature as a person, I would be thinking of a woman who is:
  • Business- like
  • Goal- Oriented
  • Passionate
  • Sophisticated
  • Matured

Where to apply Eau de Toilette:
  • spray directly onto your wrist, particularly pulse area and then gently tap with your other wrist
  • spray on your elbow crease
  • spray on your clavicle
  • spray it in front and walk through it

I sprayed it on myself. Upon spraying, I was turned off by the strong floral scent. It reminded me of Nenuco which I never liked but that's just me. After an hour or so, the scent becomes milder and more bearable. For two straight weeks, I was out partying with family and friends- it's my birthday month, cut me some slack ; p I made sure that I sprayed it on and asked people what they thought about it.

"Not bad. Ok naman!", "Floral siya!" and "Light lang!". These are the three common comments that I got from my family and friends. Eventually, after those two weeks, I learned to appreciate the scent but Clinique Happy is still my all time favorite! 

Coach Signature Fragrance is exclusively distributed in all Rustan's Department Stores.  Also available in Signature Eau de Parfum 50 ml PhP4600.