Original Chori Burger in Boracay since 1988

I have not tasted Boracay's Chori Burger until my recent visit. After having our massage at Nigi-Nigi's Massage Center, we went for a walk and found Merly's BBQ stand along Station 1.

Merly's BBQ Boracay The Best Longga & Chori Burger Since 1988

Ok, it's not Merly in the photo but my friend Gevi hehe Would you believe this is our cheapest dinner to date? We only paid PhP25 each haha

 isaw PhP10; chori burger PhP40

I don't eat isaw nor betamax and other lamang loob. Gevi gave their isaw a try and she liked it! We shared an order of chori burger. It was a bit small but that was our dinner. From lamb chops the night before to isaw and chori burger haha Way to go!

with Merly in person

We learned that Merly was the one who personally makes the sauce in chori burger. Chori means chorizo- pork sausage. 

At the age of 55, she told us that she was too weak to tend her small stall. At the later part of our talk, she started lighting a cigar maybe she should quit smoking. That was our cue to leave. It was nice to hear her tell celebrity stories though.

Up to now, I can't believe that we just spent PhP25 for our dinner hehe