Sun Life gives you a chance to SHINE!

My event: May 25, 2011

Sunlife Financial Red Iron Bark Unit
Hap Chan 
Annapolis, Greenhills

Sun Life Financial has been in the Philippines for 116 years. For a few people that have not heard about Sun Life, it is one of the oldest multi- national Insurance Company in the Philippines. 

I don't believe in life insurances. I don't have one so when I was invited to an intimate lunch together with My Mom Friday, Animetric, Tetcha, Yoga Jane and Pehpot,  I was a bit hesitant. But I was assured by Michelle of My Mom Friday that the people we are meeting will not sell us anything. How can that be? Read on...

Animetric and I

Little did I know that Sun Life does not just deal with life insurance policy nowadays. It has expanded and is now one of the leading financial advisors to people like you and me. Entrusting your money in the bank is not enough. In this day and age, we really have to know exactly where to place our money and  where to put it that will be most beneficial to us. In order to do that, we need Financial Advisors.

As hot as the demand for financial advisors, Sun Life wants to tap people like you, yes, YOU who are reading my blog in your spare time or even those who are in between jobs can benefit from the program. There is no harm in trying out. You might just have it in you to make it big time!

with Darwin Uyco (Unit Manager) and Christine Lee (Branch Manager) of Sun Life Financial Red Spruce Division

We discussed about the pros and cons in undergoing the training for a Sun Life Financial Advisor. First and foremost of the benefit is you can work anytime of the day. One of the perks is that you are your own boss. The more you work hard, you will have unlimited income possibilities! Don't get me started on perks because according to Darwin, he has already travelled to different places he only once dreamt of. Oh, I envy this guy! You are in control of your success. The company uplifts the agency force by enrolling you in a leadership program and continuously recognizing you for a job well done. 

There is no job that has no trade-off and Sun Life is not exempt from it. Are you ready, here it goes... there is no salary scheme. Your income depends on your output. And to start with, you have to pay for your own Licensing Exam (The Insurance Commission). But after that, from being a financial advisor, you can go up the ladder and achieve the Business Manager status. Your destiny is in your own hands. The make or break in this field is totally dependent on you.

If you are:

  • Male or female
  • 21- 35 years old
  • College Graduate
  • Filipino
  • Foreigners with ACR/ICR
  • People Person

What you can get from the program:

  • Financial literacy
  • Retirement Package
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Yearly Local & International Travel

Really, the decision is up to you. If you are interested to become a Financial Advisor, call 7193815, 7193880 and 7193812. You can also visit their office at Red Iron Bark New Business Office: G/F E- Square Building, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Thanks Michelle for both pics! I love your camera ; p