Natural Moisturizing Color by LipIce

Lip Ice Color Lip balm is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 from Malaysia. I was aware about this brand because my sister is raving about it. But it was not until I attended an intimate blogger meeting that I got my hands on this cute slim stick. We used the lip balm to draw a star. I kept the product to try on my lips after the activity. It will be such a waste if I throw it in the trash. 

 LipIce Color Lipbalm in Sweet Rose

What you might want to know about LipIce:
  • formulated to keep lips soft and supple
  • enriched with Vitamin E, Lanolin Oil and Mango Seed Butter keeping the lip moisturized
  • with SPF15
  • available in Sweet Rose, Fresh Plum, Hazel Blush, Pretty Pink, Candy Apple and Peach Cream

Sweet Rose on my lips

My pick was Sweet Rose. When applied, a slight hint of pinkish tint with shimmering effect can be seen.  This lip balm is perfect for those don't want to bring two make up items- lip balm and lipstick in your bag. 

I have lip balm everywhere and yes, even inside the drawer of my night table. I apply it at night before I sleep. 

Let me share with you a tip... scrub your lips with your toothbrush after every brush. It will get rid of the dead skin on your lips giving you flawless application of lipstick after lip balm.

 I'm really sleepy now. It's not a good idea to blog on my bed! I might break my Mac....