Eric Teng and his Mango Tree Bistro

My event: May 23, 2010

Birthday celebration of Eric Teng
Mango Tree Bistro
Trinoma Mall

Select bloggers, media personalities and friends were invited during the celebration of the birthday of Mr. Eric Teng. He is the man behind the successful ventures such as Maldita, a clothing company and Mango Tree Bistro. Naturally, he celebrated in his own restaurant. And boy, was I glad because it's one of the few dining places in Trinoma that we go back to. In fact, you can view my first visit here

Grapow Moo PhP280

Pictured above is a spicy minced pork. I tell you, they were not kidding when they put the word "spicy" next to minced pork. DH who is from Bicol, a province known for all things spicy, commented that this dish is really, really spicy! It's best paired with rice.

with Eric and Emelda Teng

Eric and Emelda were both gracious hosts that night hobnobbing from table to table with their guests. DH was able to take my photo with them before the dinner was served. Eer, I was still in Boracay hang over mode. That explains why my hair is still braided at the time this photo was taken. 

Among the dishes served were Phad Thai Goong (PhP350) and Yum Mamuang (PhP200), green mango salad with roasted coconuts and crushed peanuts and Panang Nua (PhP380), beef in red curry. All three dishes served were very familiar to us because we have already ordered it in the past and also the reason why we go back again and again in this restaurant. You can view the photos here

Thod Mun Gong PhP300

Thod Mun Gong is deep fried breaded shrimp cake. I knew DH would not want to eat this because it's deep fried and breaded. On the other hand, I like it because it's deep fried and breaded haha

Gai Thai Krai Yang PhP320

Lemongrass chicken to perfection. 

Tub Tum Grob PhP150

Glad that I have saved room for dessert! Tub Tum Grob is chestnut in coconut milk. I will definitely order this again on my next visit. 

together with bloggers Abet and Didi

Before we left the venue, DH took another picture of me with the owners and blogger friends right outside the restaurant.

Happy Birthday again Eric!