Celebrating My Parents' Anniversary at Heat EDSA Shangri-la!

Last Wednesday, July 20, my parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary at Heat, a restaurant inside EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel. I was the designated driver for the day so I get to eat for free hahaha

surprise wedding anniversary cake from EDSA Shang-ri la

I asked one of the staff if she can write the words "Happy Anniversary" on a plate with a slice of cake for my parents. I was informed that the kitchen will just give them a round cake which is way better!
The following photos were taken from my plate.

Waldorf salad on top of mixed greens

Waldorf salad is a salad made of fresh apples and mayonnaise. 

I also put walnuts and three different cheese on my plate and a slice of salami. 

lamb, roti, biryani rice and eggplant with bagoong

I can't resist lamb so I paired it with roti. I also had a spoonful of basmati rice on the side. As I passed by the Filipino buffet area, I spotted eggplant and remembered how much I love the shrimp paste that goes with it.

Basmati is a type of rice that is most common in Middle Eastern cuisine. The characteristic of which is that it is longer than most rice. It is aromatic and non sticky.

tenderloin steak, fish, lamb and roast beef

The tenderloin was a bit hard to chew. I was just able to finish half of it and gave up. I like the fish but not the lamb. There was no lamb chop so I was a bit disappointed but the roast beef saves the day!

rolled peking duck, tempura and choco dipped mallows

You might be wondering why I placed two sticks of marshmallows beside my food. Well, I was beginning to feel full so I grabbed these two sticks so I can eat it before my stomach becomes full. Remember, I always make room for dessert lol


I put red mongo, jack fruit, gelatin, garbanzos in my halo halo with a scoop of mango ice cream on top!

Halo halo is a popular Filipino dessert with a mix of fruits and gelatin with shaved ice and evaporated milk.

I was not able to eat my favorite crepe. Maybe on my next trip back to HEAT!

cake courtesy of Heat EDSA Shangri- la Manila

Happy Anniversary mom and dad! I love you!

dad's birthday

These were the photos I took when my dad celebrated his birthday last March!

my young dad and his cake

Oh yes! The cake was from Shangri- la too!

dad blowing the candle of his cake

slicing of the cake

a kiss from my mom

Awww! My parents are really sweet! We still have yet to celebrate their wedding anniversary with the rest of the family. Hopefully, we can have a chance tomorrow! Excited!

Have a great weekend!