Home Improvement: Wall Candy


When I got an email from Valerie of Wall Candy asking me to choose a sticker design from her 5 collections, I immediately said, YES! Checking out her website, I was surprised to see so many designs to choose from. This makes it hard for me to choose only one hahaha I asked the assistance of DH who chose - Black Goldfish.

Black Goldfish PhP850

It was a really good choice since my bathroom have "Under the Sea" theme. It's a spin-off from my wedding theme hehehe 

a personal note from Valerie

Thanks for the simple handwritten note, Valerie. I like the personal touch!

Black Goldfish from Wall Candy under Decor category

The 5 collections: 

  • Chalkboard and White board
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Decor
  • Modern
  • Nursery and Kids

Specification of Black Goldfish:

  • 48x65cm/pc
  • 150-180cm in full size

Now that I have my design, let's get down to business.

tape and scissors

What you need:
  • tape 
  • scissors

Step 1: cut out the design as close to the die cut as possible

This step can help you plan your design. By cutting out, you can visualized what your design will look like on your wall.

Step 2: place tapes at the back of your stickers

I know that Wall Candy is removable and reusable. But I can tell you this, by attaching tapes at the back of your sticker pad, you can alter positions and place the sticker faster. Make sure to wipe off the surface when finally sticking your wall candy.

step 3: clean the surface of your wall

In my case, I opted to place the stickers on one side of my shower glass enclosure. First, I wiped the entire glass surface where I will stick wall candy stickers.

step 4: visualization

Please be careful in removing the sticker pad at the back. Do not remove the sticker pad all the way. Remove the pad as you go along. You don't want to see your finger prints all over your stickers. Finally, work with one sticker at a time.

DH and I made a couple of changes and then finally settled with a design that I feel was good enough. My design includes fishes that is swimming upward hahaha How's that for Feng Shui? lol You can see the final lay out in the first photo. DH and I made an effort to design our bathroom together and it was a fun thing to do!

I encountered several stickers that were not properly cut from the edges. I had to carefully cut it with scissors. Other than that, I didn't have any major problems sticking Wall Candy on my glass panel.

part of my Under the Sea theme bathroom

Fishes and shells wind chime hangs on my shower head.

wall decor

Shells and sting ray decor hang on my wall. 

Why choose Wall Candy:

  • No mess, no sticky residue, no damage to the wall
  • Non toxic and Lead Free
  • European safety standards approved
  • Affordable way to decorate living spaces
  • Available in variety of sizes, shapes and themes
  • Change the feel of your room anytime
  • New designs every month
  • Price starts at PhP450 to PhP950. Pretty affordable.

This is a cool decor that can jazz up any bare wall. This can also be a creative activity with your love ones especially with your kids. DH and I had fun thinking of the many ways to lay out the design. The final result have our thumbs of approval. 

Two more days and I am off to shopping land! Weeeeeeee! I can't wait! Have a blessed weekend ; )