Samosas in Apartment 1B Gourmet Comfort Food

My visit: July 21, 2011

Apartment 1B Gourmet Comfort Food
One La Fayette Square
132 LP Leviste corner Sedeno St.,
Salcedo Village
Makati City

Two weeks ago, DH and I braved the traffic going to Makati just to meet with friends who love to eat good food! We seldom go to Makati because it's far from where we live. But who can resist dining with super friends, right?

 crabcakes PhP330

It was Ryan who recommended the crab cakes. When DH and I arrived, he told us that he and his wife had just finished eating the cakes. We ordered another one as one of the appetizers. It has bits of crab that you can taste as your bite into it. We ordered 4 of these crunchy crab cakes over green leaves, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

samosas PhP290

It was my first time to try and eat samosas. I can say that it's like eating a pie with fillings. This order was served hot. I tasted bits of mushroom, if I am not mistaken, as I gnaw on it. Trust me, ok, well, I recommend that you order this when you visit Apartment 1B. Enough said!

Samosas are baked/ fried triangular pastries with potatoes, coriander, onion and beef or chicken.

green apple shake PhP150

I ordered green apple shake. It was a delight to order something different for a change. Brain freeze!

 French Onion soup PhP240

Oh, French onion soup! DH ordered this. It came a bit late because orders were interchanged. The toasted bread on top with melted cheese was truly delectable. Do take the soup while it's hot.

cucumber- mint shake PhP150

The cucumber mint shake is a bit sweet. If you want a shake and still want to be healthy, you can opt to order this drink. I think that was what DH was thinking that night when he ordered this.

Arugula salad PhP310

One of their specials that night was the arugula salad. The serving is quite small for its price. For me, it is more of a personal size salad than to share one. Well, it all depends on how much you like to eat vegetable salad. I can eat and finish one order of this but I shared this with DH. It's quite expensive so it's better to share.

Arugula salad has watermelon cubes, white cheese, candied walnut on top.

 baby back ribs half rack PhP460

I can hardly pick anything from the menu, everything seems pretty expensive. I settled for baby back ribs. To my delight, the serving was bigger that I had expected. I shared some ribs with DH and ate the mashed potato and vegetable on the side. A very filling dinner for me.

 pork chops 510

I can't say the same for DH and another friend of ours who have ordered pork chops. The pork chops were thickly sliced but kind of dry on the inside. The sweet apple sauce didn't help. DH had to ask for gravy just so he could finish his order.

The following photos were our friend's orders. I was not able to taste it but luckily, they let me take photos first before they ate it. 

corn chowder PhP190

beef pie PhP590

 half chicken PhP430

braised lamb shank PhP990

Not in the photo are salmon PhP820, Reuben Sandwich PhP680 and brewed coffee PhP80. We paid PhP738.40 for service charge alone and our final bill reached PhP9008.40. 

We had to get out of the restaurant immediately right after eating our dinner. The place was packed and noisy. We were seated on the second floor of the restaurant with low ceiling. We were able to hear the voices of other diners on the other tables. We decided to capped off the night at Chocolate Fire. That entry post would be next ; ) Stay tuned!