First bite in Sango Rockwell

My visit: June 17, 2011

Sango Rockwell
The Burger Master
Unit 103H  R1 Power Plant Mall

Once in awhile, DH and I have a date night where in we dine out and then watch a movie after. This is one of those nights. After getting a movie ticket, I think it was for Super 8, we searched for a place to eat. DH would usually suggest Oliver's Sandwiches if we are out of time but we have plenty of time on our hands that night. 

I saw a huge tarpaulin banners at the center of Power Plant mall advertising Sango Burgers. We were a bit lost because the ad says that the location of Sango Burger was in Lower Ground Floor. We searched the whole floor and back. We were getting irritated because we couldn't find the restaurant. Thank God for security guards who directed us to the place. It turned out that it is located outside just beside Starbucks. 

okonomi hotdog PhP155

The okonomi hotdog shown in the photo is just half of the order. I have made the mistake of telling the waitress to sliced both of our orders in half. When presented to us, our orders were separated already in different wrappers. It looks kind of small in the photo but it was very filling nonetheless.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake/pizza consists of different ingredients. Okonomi means what you like/ want. Yaki means grilled/ cooked.

The hotdog contains lettuce, onions and dancing fish flakes also known as katsuobushi.

 Master Chili Cheese Burger PhP200

Like the okonomiyaki hotdog, the Master Chili Cheese Burger was also sliced in half. What you see here is the other half of the order ; p

It contains the beef patty with jalapeno, chopped onions, tomato, cheese and the trademark sauce. It was messy to eat but delicious! Also available in Master Chili Burger for only PhP180.

honey dew soda (large) free upsize

There is an ongoing promo for a set meal called Master Quencher. Master Quencher equation is Burger of your choice + Fries + Regular drink= Free upsize of any regular drink of your choice. 

 Master fries (large) PhP135

A trip to Sango is never complete without ordering Sango Master Fries. An order contains large cut fries topped with square cheese and their trademark sauce. Ketchup and chopped onion is on the side. Regular size is only PhP115.

All photos were taken by DH. I was busy eating hahaha Till my next food post!